New product Line from MUGEN for FK8

We have got the new product from MUGEN JAPAN. We will be carrying their FK8 rear tail lights and fog lights. These parts will be available for U.S spec, Euro Spec and JDM spec. All lights are in stock as this post. They are selling very fast. Many vendors are out of stock now. Steering wheel will be in stock by end of the month. 

Steering wheel Spec:
78501-XNCF-K0S0-R (TAKATA)   

Considering various driving situations from sports to winding, MUGEN originally designed sports steering wheel whose feature is determined and materials are selected. High fitting at various positions ensures stable controllability. Dry carbon is adopted for top and bottom parts of the steering and punched leather for right and left.
Red colored Euro-type stitch
For installation the standard steering wheel needs removing, and the standard air bag and the switch need reinstalling.

Tail light Spec:

MUGEN advanced original full LEDs tail light
Luminous part in both sides is designed sharply and located in outer-bottom area of the tail light help its appearance look lowered and sporty.
Sequential mode is also available.
Exchangeable for the standard tail light
For FK7 the light set can be installed but sequential mode cannot be used.